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Equipment for a Modern Gaffer

Instruments and Navigation

Picture - Lighthouse

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1. Instrument System
Simrad IS11 (formerly Robertson)
Picture - IS11 Wind Instrument Four instruments in the cockpit: speed/log, depth, wind, and GPS repeater.
Single 'Central' instrument at chart table gives access to all functions (other than GPS) plus battery voltage, engine hours etc.
Strictly NMEA0183 interfacing, both internally and for external connections (to GPS and Autopilot in our case).
Backlighting - choice of 3 colours and 7 light levels.
Chione  T London O/N 901053 R.T. 6 54/100
2. GPS - Fixed
Micrologic ML-250
Picture - Thumbs down! Henry (the Navigator) looked pretty good on paper, but has proved to be a very bad buy. 
We had to change both the antenna and display unit during the first 12 months.  We are still getting problems with the screen.
Micrologic went bust in 1999!
Considering ditching it for a Garmin 128.
Chione  T London O/N 901053 R.T. 6 54/100
3. GPS - Handheld
Garmin 12XL
Picture - Garmin GPS 12XL Bought recently on impluse for under £100, when the Micrologic was going through a particularly bad period.
Already earned its keep when the ML-250 failed completely the night before our last cross-Channel passage.  Thanks, Henrietta!
Chione  T London O/N 901053 R.T. 6 54/100
4. VHF Transceiver
ICOM  M-59Euro
Picture - ICOM IC-M59 VHF We were just too early for the first GMDSS sets, so this is strictly analogue - it has proved to be a great little radio.
Just be aware that plugging in an extension speaker (for use in the cockpit, say) will switch off the internal speaker. [Not an insurmountable problem - we can now choose any combination of outputs now - email me for details.]
PS: just a recommendation for the Shakespeare AM/FM signal splitter-- allows us to successfully use our masthead aerial for the stereo too.
Chione  T London O/N 901053 R.T. 6 54/100
5. Autopilot
Navico TP300CX  (now Simrad)
Picture - TP300CX Tillerpilot Sining Star Award
A tillerpilot which can generate a maximum thrust of 85Kg.  The largest in the Navico (now Simrad) range, though a necessary choice to cope with Chione's  5 tons.

Invaluable on long trips with a crew of just two, especially when motoring.
Seems a robust, well-designed unit, which integrates easily into the instrument system.
Allows steering to a course, to apparent wind, or to a waypoint as you wish.
Known locally as "bastard" since he often seems to steer better than us. 

Chione  T London O/N 901053 R.T. 6 54/100
6. Trailing Log
Walker Microknot  
Picture - Walker Microknot We used to take this natty little device away with us on charter trips; pre-Chione.  It still acts as a useful backup.  Sadly, they are no longer being made.
If you have one, and need a new battery, try RS part #185-5659
(call +44 1536 204555 for the Electromail CD-ROM catalogue).
Chione  T London O/N 901053 R.T. 6 54/100
7. Clock
Sewill 'Admiralty' (66303G)
 Sewills of Liverpool Ltd
Pictrure - Ships clock
A clock is a clock is a clock, so why mention it here?
Essentially because it's also a primary navigational instrument.
This one keeps exceptionally good time and looks good too!
Chione  T London O/N 901053 R.T. 6 54/100
8. Compass - Handbearing
Axium Mini  
Pivture - Axium compass We used an Autohelm electronic personal compass for some time, but have now gone back to the old faithful Axium (formerly the Mini 2000S).
It's easier than the Autohelm to get reliable readings in seaway, and doesn't need a battery.
Chione  T London O/N 901053 R.T. 6 54/100
9. Binoculars
Tasco Offshore 21  (7 x 50)

Essential pilotage equipment - these seem a good value pair.
Chione  T London O/N 901053 R.T. 6 54/100

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