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Links to equipment manufacturers may be found on the 'Specifications' and 'Equipment' pages.
This is personal selection of some of the more interesting sailing-related sites that we've come across.  Note that we are not attempting to produce an exhaustive list, but we do try to explain why each site is of value.

[ If you're looking for a simple, more exhaustive listing, try the UK Sailing Index.]


UK Met Office - the obvious one!  OK for getting forecats, including the Shipping & Inshore forecasts for the next 24 hours.  If you're looking for anything more than 24 hours hence then you will need to pay!
Shining Star Award NOAA Synoptic Charts - The U.S. National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Agency publishes lots of data, including a whole range of forecast charts that are faxed to them daily.  Forecast synoptic charts from the UK Met Office for up to 5 days hence may be found on this page (scroll down to the MSLP entries).
Interactive Marine Observations (UK) - an interesting site which shows the latest observations from automatic weather stations around the UK coast.
Satellite Images - there are several sites presenting current and archive satellite imagery, both from the infra-red and visible spectra.  I've chosen those available from Nottingham University since both Annie and I are alumni of said institution.


NMEA Home Page - for full details of the NMEA0183 data interface i.e. how to interpret NMEA sentences.  Useful if you are wondering why two pieces of electronics aren't talking to each other, or are just interested in understanding the technical background.
GPS Status Pages- all the latest from 'the horse's mouth': the U.S. Coastguard Navigation Centre, including expected service interruptions, latest Government policy on S.A., and a tool to predict satellite visibilty from any location at any time (check it against your receiver!) 
Larry's Garin GPS Connector - want to link your PC or palmtop to a Garmin GPS to download data / upload waypoints and routes?  Then you'll need one of these.
GMDSS- the Maritime and Coastguard Agencies' guidelines on GMDSS for small boat users in European waters.
UK Hydrographic Office - the source of all marine cartographic data for the UK, and I still think their charts are the best.
Shining Star Award Tide Times - for the next 14 days for a range of UK and Irish ports. courtesy of IPC magazines.  Very useful if you want to do a quick bit of planning from your home/office. [NB I am not suggesting that your mind might wander towards planning your next cruise sail whilst you're at work!]
Chichester Harbour  -  come and explore the delights of Chichester; miles of coastline enclosed within a well protected harbour whose entrance is just 6 miles east of Portsmouth.  The only significant harbour on the south coast of England without any commercial traffic.

National & International Organisations

International Maritime Organisation - check out the SOLAS convention for yourself, or just become more familiar with what this body actually does.
Maritime and Coastguard Agency - the current incarnation of H.M. Coastguard and the Marine Safety Agency.
Royal National Lifeboat Institution - to quote: "If you sail, you should join Offshore."  How can you disagree?
Royal Yachting Association
Trinity House - check out how you can visit a lighthouse, or just enjoy the pictures.

Sailing Schools & Charter

Shining Star Award Southern Sailing / Cornish Cruising - we've taken several courses with John Goode's Southern Sailing School; all excellent and most enjoyable.  More recently we learned a little more about sailing gaffers with their sister company, Cornish Cruising.
Tenrag Charters - we were pretty impressed with their service some years ago.  These days they cover most imaginable destinations.
Jubilee Sailing Trust - have no personal experience of their voyages, but surely a most worthwhile organisation.

Maritime Tradition

Old Gaffers Association  -  their mission is to further the cause of gaff rig, whether on a hundred year old classic or a plastic gaffer like Chione.  (Their Web site is a useful introduction - providing you can stand the page background!)
National Maritime Museum - including the Royal Greenwich Observatory.  As well as giving the obvious details about the place, there is intercative access to details of many of their exhibits.
Sea Shanties  - struggling to remember the lyrics of that old sea shanty?  Well take the finger out of your ear, and check this site.  (Includes songs from the US, Germany, Holland, Ireland, Canada and France, as well as the UK.)
Patrick O'Brian - the late author's page on his publisher's Web site.  Contains a pretty comprehensive set of links to other Jack Aubrey / Stephen Maturin sources.
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