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"Chione  T"
Modern Cruising with a Traditional Feel

We are unable to continue our sailing activities.
Hence, reluctantly, "Chione T" was sold in April 2018, soon after her 20th birthday.
She now has a new owner and has returned to her 'first love' of the Solent.

This site remains as an "archive".
For all the latest on Chione T's adventures please visit her new home on the web:


This site is primarily concerned with our pride and joy: "Chione  T "
and the pleasures of sailing a gaffer in the modern world.

After 10 years based in Chichester Harbour she spent the next decade moored in the
Ardfern Yacht Centre in Argyll, on the West Coast of Scotland.

Full Specifications of ChioneT
The Builder - MB Yachts
Details of on-board Equipment and Systems
Chione's origins in Greek Mythology
A series of Picture Galleries
Selected links: meteorolgy, navigation etc.
Lion Classic Boats
Lion Classic Boats


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Picture - Solent "Chione  T " is a small (LOA = 30 feet), heavy displacement, gaff rigged cutter, launched in March 1998.   Designed along traditional lines, with a long keel, but built from modern materials, she retains a distinctive "classic" feel.  More specifically, she is a Tradewind Atoll (formerly known as a Tradewind 25) built by MB Yachts of Poole.

The purpose of this site is to promote our style of cruising on a "plastic gaffer" -

Traditional good looks.
Seakindly performance
Modern equipment
Easy maintenance

 In summary, she's prettier than a white plastic bathtub, sails better than a country cottage, and will look after you better than your old mum.

British Ships Register - Official number = 901053.
Old Gaffers Association - Boat number = 1950.

New Tradewind Atolls now being built in the Netherlands

A company specialising in the production of modern classic yachts is now building Tradewinds in the Netherlands.  To discover more, click the 'Lion Classic Boats' button on the left.

News of other Tradewind 25s

ANIMA IV - formerly "Bluey", this boat is now in the ownership of Austrian yachtsman Martin Hammer.   Chione & Bluey started their lives side by side in the workshop of Blondecell in Lymington.    As Chione's mouldings were being assembled Bluey was in course of completion.

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