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Equipment for a Modern Gaffer

Domestic Equipment

Picture - Man barbecueing

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When cruising we all spend far more hours at anchor or in a marina than we do actually sailing.  So we see no reason why "home comforts" should not be a high priority!
1. Cooker
Flavel Wayfarer
Flavel Leisure
Picture - Flavel Wayfarer Shining Star Award
Stainless steel construction with brass trim.  Suitable for butane or propane (we use the latter, principally for its better low temperature properties when  sailing during winter).
Decent size oven, double hob burners, and grill.
The oven is the only one that we've come across (on a boat cooker) that is properly controllable - all the way up to Gas Mark 9.

PS  Gas bottles always run out on a cold wet night, just as you are trying to cook dinner.  We have two bottles permanetly connected to a bulkhead regulator.  Simply use one until it's empty, then switch it off and the second one on - no messing about with spanners in the rain!

Chione  T London O/N 901053 R.T. 6 54/100
2. Water Pumps
Brass pumps from 'Classic Marine'
Patay Pumps

Picture - Brass Galley Pump
We only have running cold water on board - a decision based largely upon the wastage that running hot water seems to engender!
We use traditional, heavy brass pumps - a lever model in the galley and a telescopic pillar model to feed the heads basin. They're attractive, efficient, and very robust.
Chione  T London O/N 901053 R.T. 6 54/100
3. Heating System
Eberspacher D1LC
Picture - Eberspacjer D1LC Kit Shining Star Award   Winter sailing in the UK can be great fun providing you have a reliable and controllable heating system.
The advantages of the Eberspacher are:
Diesel fuelled (from main fuel tank) - no need for mains electricity or to carry some other type of fuel.
Provides dry heat - air from outside the boat is heated and blown through the interior.
All combustion products are exhausted overboard.
Sophisticated electronic control of temperature and timings - just like the home central heating!
Set it to come on an hour before you expect to rise in the morning (or just before you expect to be back from the pub!)
Chione  T London O/N 901053 R.T. 6 54/100
4. Holding Tank
Custom in-built
Picture - Jabsco Amazon pump A part of the bilge in the forepeak was treated internally with expoxy during build to form a holding tank.  A standard Jabsco toilet can be discharged into the tank or directly overboard according to the setting of a Y-valve.  A second valve allows the tank to be pumped out either to the sea (using a Jabsco 'Amazon' manual pump) or by a shoreside extraction facility, through a deck 'filler'.  This arrangement is described as 'the versatile system' in the West Marine treatise on the topic.
Chione  T London O/N 901053 R.T. 6 54/100
5. Ventilator
Solarvent Type 36
Picture - Solarvent Type 36 To keep a boat sweet and mould-free in the UK climate requires a constant flow of air through the length of the boat.  This we achieve with a solar-powered fan fitted in the deck above the forepeak and  a louvre ventilation panel in the teak washboards.  The fan seems to operate with minimal amounts of sun; in fact it functions in quite overcast conditions.  An in-built NiCd battery helps keep the fan operating  after the skies darken.
We leave ours set to automatic operation whenever the boat is closed up. 
[In Winter we also leave a small dehumidifier in the galley; though this of course requires mains electricity.]
Chione  T London O/N 901053 R.T. 6 54/100

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