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Equipment for a Modern Gaffer


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1. Lifejackets and Harnesses
Picture - Crewsaver Lifejacket & Harness It should go without saying that Chione carries lifejackets (auto-inflation) and harnesses for all 4 potential crew members.
We currently favour our 150N lifejackets with integral harness and crotch straps.  The latter make for a much more secure fitting (especially if/when you do fall in the water) and are not at all uncomfortable.
Chione  T London O/N 901053 R.T. 6 54/100
2. Lifebuoy
Horseshoe Lifebuoy
Picture - Lifebuoy A conventional horseshoe lifebuoy with attached light and drogue.
Chione  T London O/N 901053 R.T. 6 54/100
3. MOB Recovery
Picture - CrewLink MOB Recovery System Essentially a horseshoe lifebuoy with 38metres of attached floating line, suitably contained in a pushpit pack ready for use.
The device is easily deployed by pulling a tag to open the velcro fastened cover.
In our case, final recovery would be accomplished with the assistance of a ready-made 3:1 tackle.  The static end of the tackle is snap-shackled onto a spare halyard, with the bitter end led to a sheet winch.  The free end of the tackle also has a snap shackle, for attachment to the casualty.
Chione  T London O/N 901053 R.T. 6 54/100
4. Flares
Sowester (made in Germany by Comet)

Offshore Distress Pack - 4 Red parachute rockets, 4 Red hand flares, and 2 Orange smoke torches, all in a plastic keg in a cockpit locker.
Four white collision warning flares are also carried, with one clipped inside a coaming locker for immediate use.
Chione  T London O/N 901053 R.T. 6 54/100
5. Fire Extinguishers
Firemaster (Manual & Automatic)
Picture - Automatic Halon Extinguisher The saloon and forepeak are each equipped with a 1Kg dry powder extinguisher, rated at 5A/34B.
A Firemaster GT Auto (0.7Kg) halon extinguisher is fitted in the engine compartment.  This discharges automatically should the temperature rise above 79oC.

There is also a fire blanket in the galley.

Chione  T London O/N 901053 R.T. 6 54/100
6. Radar Reflector
Mobri S-2
Mobri Marine (Denmark)
Picture - Mobri S-2 radar reflector I for one have been left bewildered by recent tests of radar reflectors in the yachting press.  There seems no real concensus as to which type of device is the most effective.  Evidence as to the achievable magnification of radar cross-section is similarly inconclusive; indeed some devices in some circumstances have been observed to actually reduce the boat's reflected image.

I suspect the real answer is to use an active electronic signal amplifer such as the 'Ocean Sentry' from McMurdo.  However, at around GBP1000, I'll make do with my Mobri S-2 for now!

Chione  T London O/N 901053 R.T. 6 54/100
7. Bilge Pumps

Chione has two bilge pumps.
A manual (Jabsco Amazon) pump is operated from the cockpit, with its strum box in the bilge sump.
Also installed in the bilge sump is an electric pump triggered by an 'hydro air' switch.  (In theory this is a simple, reliable device - but we found ours a little difficult to adjust just as we wanted it.)
An audio alarm is activated by a float switch fitted higher in the bilge, in case there is a rapid rise in water level and/or the automatic pump should fail.
Chione  T London O/N 901053 R.T. 6 54/100

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